Todays Top 5 LookBook Picks


Todays Top 5 LookBook Picks

LookBook is one of the most popular fashion websites of all time. With millions of daily users and more outfits than you can shake a stick at, I've picked my top 5 of the day. I just can't get enough of these beautiful people with the most unique, bold and creative styles. You've made my top five!

1) Bebe Zeva, Las Vegas
This is the ultimate pattern mix ive ever seen. Literally one of my all time favourite outfits on lookbook. Keeping the colours all in one section of the outfit helps break up the monochrome patterns so well. The beret and oversized sunglasses add a quirky finishing touch. AMAZING! 
Check out more of Bebe's outfits at

2) Juliett Kuczynska, Poland
I am in love with this outfit. Fresh, feminine with rich and royal blue tones. The mixture of materials makes this look extra special. I love how laid back this elegant outfit is made by teaming the whole thing with metallic purple trainers. Even the sunglasses match! If you want to see more of Julietts looks visit the link below, you wont regret it! 

3) Marta M, Spain
Get winter ready with this fabulous outfit by Marta. The rich and rusty winter tones warm up this outfit so well. With dark reds and rusty browns theres not one thing you can fault. The leather leggings add a hint of grunge that work so well with the black sunglasses. Im also so in love with the contrast detailed shoes that match perfectly. Check out more of Martas outfits at

4) Olivia Emily, London
You can't go wrong with a military chic outfit, if you do it right. And this is more than right, its perfect. The Khaki skirt works so well with Olivias hair colour and makes this outfit pop. The lace up Dr Martens work great for this army inspired look and adding knee high socks makes it that little bit more feminine. Adding a hint of texture to this look with the shaggy black fur jacket completes the outfit. I love it! See more of Olivias outfits at

5) Jessica Vintage Virgin, USA
I am a sucker for quirky looks that involved a black and yellow combo. This urban outfit with a hint of glam is one look I'd go for hands down. The amazing yellow check dress contrasts so well with the black bomber jacket and accessories including a feminine clutch and peeptoe heels. Mixing two looks is a hard feat, but Jess has made it look effortless. Check out more of her outfits at

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