10 Of Essex's Nightclub Fashion Fails Of 2014


Essex's Nightclub Fashion Fails Of 2014

 Okay, i'ts a fact. 80% of Essex make a bad name for themselves when it comes to fashion. There are a rare few that can stay classy and look like feminine, or smart and manly. However, there's a few things everyone from Essex will know about...we've pretty much seen it all now. Literally.

 1) Guys, there is more than one brand on the market
Apparently, according to Essex, Ralph Lauren Polo is the only brand of shirt that men of Essex assume you have wear. So.. they purchase one in every colour. Try something new guys. Let the pony have a day off.
Google Images - Ralph Lauren Polo

2) The Knock-Offs
 We spend plenty of time spotting those women who believe buying a pair of knock-off Louboutins is the 'done thing.' What's worse is then seeing images posted all over social networks where they just can't help but pose in the most ridiculous ways to get those Red Bottoms showing.
Google Images

3) Loafer combos
Men wearing loafers and shorts. Is there more I have to say? I didn't think so.

4) Remember; You have feet too!
There's nothing wrong with adding a little colour to your body with some fake tan. It makes us feel healthy and gives us a subtle glow (most of the time). But girls, remember..your feet count too.
Google Images

5) Getting Lippy
Lipliner is used as to add a hint of definition or as an outline template to help fill your lipstick in; not to make yourself look like you have been secretley scoffing that half-melted galaxy chocolate bar you left in your bag yesterday.
Google Images

6) The Hair-Mare
Hair extensions. Whether your opting for clip-ins, bonds or weaves, remember.. the whole point of inserting your hairpieces in..is to make it look realistic. If we can see your clips...its an instant fail.
Google Images

7) Men + White on White
White on white is a tricky one to pull off. We know this. The amount of guys you see prancing around the High Streets of Essexs is enough proof for anyone. The super skinny white jeans with that overly white shirt? Lets just hope that ladies large glass of red wine doesn't take a tumble in your direction...
Google Images

8) Dress to your shape
It still amazing me to this day how many Essex ladies are dressing the total opposite to their shape. Bodycons can be a saint, but also the devil. Embrace those curves and those not so flat bits, but just dont do it like this...
Google Images

9) The tacky belt addiction
Whether you've fought long and hard to find a fake Moschino belt from your local boutique, or you're a guy Ebaying a knock-off Hermes belt. Stop..just stop. We know you're faking. They swamp the Essex towns like the plague. If everyone has one, we don't want it.
Google Images - Hermes Leather Belt

10) Knickers in a twist?
Your night out has come to an end. But you're underwear has other ideas. Keep is classy and always keep an eye on what direction your mini dress is heading. Wasted or not.. No-one wants to get in that taxi looking like this..
Google Images - Pamela Anderson

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