Hot clothes, hot models, hot website. By far one of my favorite brands and home of the infamous Baziic clothing line and Babymilk brand. I have loved HOT!MESS clothing for a while now and it's amazing to watch how they have grown the last couple of years! 

I am loving the new editorial style images they are using to promote and sell their products and I just NEED to share some of the stylish items they have available right now, not to mention the amazing photography and styling they are currently showcasing! 

So here's just a few of the best new arrivals...
 (All images courtesy of +Hotmessclothing and links provided for each product!)

Baziic Black Bralet - £28
The perfect sports-luxe item to add to your wishlist this season. I'm loving the strappy-ness of this bralet and the Baziic logo trim. Gym sessions have never been so stylish...

Babymilk Black Patterned Bell Top - £28
A lacey and patterned black number with frills is always a good idea! Styled with a black pom pom wrap skirt and a pair of Rock'n'Roll shades for a summer-grunge look.
Babymilk White Tassel Trim Beach Top - £48
Fresh, feminine and fierce, all rolled into one beautiful white beach top. I love how most tassel designed tops only feature tassels to the lower hem, but here they are sprawled all over the sleeves too! Perfect!

 Baziic Black Printed Crop Tee - £26 
A simple design with a big impact. This loose fitting crop tee features a large 'Baziic' logo across the front and white trim down each sleeve. Team with a pair of black high waisted gym shorts for the ultimate gym outfit. 

 Black Pineapple Bikini - £30
Get totally tropical with this beaut bikini featuring Pineapples in all the right places! The bikini top also includes tassel detailing down the chest and the bottoms have a rather large Pineapple print that cover your cheeks! Cheeky...

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Dainty Clothing..

Whether you're after a feminine silky lace playsuit, or a festival chic shirt, Dainty Clothing Co have got it all this season. Based in Brentwood, Essex, the little, yet popular boutique if filled with some modern key pieces that are bound to start you're summer wardrobe building!

Below are just a few of my favorite items now in stock at Dainty Clothing...

 Black Bandage Bikini - £18.99
This gorgeous bandage bikini features contrasting white stitching and ties up comfortably at the back. The triangle shape also helps to flaunt your assets and the high fit bottoms will elongate your legs in seconds! A must-have for the beach, and looks amazing with a golden tan!

 The Flora Top - £18
The perfect choice for a light festival top! Try an all white outfit by teaming this beauty with a pair of high-waisted white jeans and matching white sandals. If it's hotter, swap jeans for a pair of your fave denim shorts and a tan handbag to complete the look.

Pastel Pink Cage Bodycon Dress - £18 
A sexy little number for your next night out, whether you're at home or on holiday. I love the cut-out design to the chest and the slimming effect this dress has! Try teaming your outfit with a white feather clutch and gold stilettos for a show-stopping look!

Crochet Strap Tops - £10.80
 These tops are the best all-rounder this Summer. Whether you're going on holiday, to festivals or just a day out shopping in the sun, these are the easiest tops to pop on for anything. I am in love with the fringing details and knitted straps that really help give off a summery Vintage look. Wear with tan accessories such as a tassel shoulder bag, tan Chelsea boots and a Fedora hat to finish.

Boho Tassel Necklace - £14
This oversized beauty is the best option if you're looking to create a Boho/festival feel. This necklace is the perfect statement piece to finish off your look. The product features mini silver coins, turquoise charms and cute tassels to top it all off!

 The Coconut Bikini 
Bralet - £22 / Bottoms £8
Literally my fave item that Dainty Clothing has in a the moment! The Coconut Bikini! I am in love with this and I am a sucker for feather detailing on anything! The crochet bralet top and bottoms feature a feminine feather design and would make you stand out on any beach! You can also wear your Coconut Bralet top separate for a stylish night-time look.


 To Order from Dainty Clothing email: or DM them on Instagram!

Coming Soon...

Faux Snakeskin Wrap Swimsuit

Pink Knot Bardot Top

Grey Knot Bardot Top

 White Lace Halter Neck Playsuit 

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It's Soapy & Glorious..

Soap & Glory are by far one of the most popular beauty brands right now. With their quirky packaging, names and super-yummy scents, whats not to love?! Whether you fancy smelling like a zesty lemon pie or a human bubble gum, you'll end up filling your bathroom cabinets with the stuff! 

I've decided to review a few of my all time favorite products from Soap & Glory, as you can't be missing out on these wonderful treats for your skin and hair! There are honestly hundreds of products now available at +Boots UK+Superdrug  and other leading health and beauty stores, so you can thank me later when you've stocked up!

Scrub Of Your Life 
 One of the best body scrubs you'll find right now. The thick scrub glides onto your skin and gently exfoliates the skin in minutes. The scrub creates a foamy like texture against the skin. I love that after you've rinsed the product off, you are still left with a super soft coating to your skin which then also acts as a moisturizer. Could you seriously ask for more? No lie, this is my fave body scrub I've ever bought and I can't live without it! 

Glad Hair Day
 A glorious shampoo that leaves you feeling fresh as a daisy! The Ultra-Shine Shampoo is perfect for all hair types with a fruity fragrance! Rated five star by leading beauty mags, it's no joke that this everyday shampoo is worth every penny! One great thing about this shampoo is if your hair is a little greasy, you can re-apply without having to worry about stripping your hair of its natural oils or going dry. Just massage a small amount onto the hands. A little goes a long way! 

Clean On Me 
Creamy moisture shower gel that hydrates the skin with every use. A great option if you are like me and go mad with shower gel until your whole body is just a giant bubble. Add a handful of Clean On Me onto damp skin and watch it turn into a thick, luxurious lather in seconds. The smell stays on your skin once your dry and a little travel bottle is great to take on holiday!  

Hand Food 
Hand Food is by far one of the best hand lotions I've ever used. I even have a little travel size one that's great to pop in your handbag whilst you're on-the-go! The floral and soapy smell makes your hands feel instantly refreshed and leaves your skin super-soft and supple. Perfect if you job involves hands-on tasks or computer work. 

The Righteous Butter 
Mmmmmmm! So good I could eat it! (But please don't!). The Righteous butter is a flippin' savior if you are prone to dry skin! I smother myself in this once I've had a bath or a shower. The butter can be applied on damp skin or dry skin, so take your pick! I wake up the next morning and my skin feels revitalized and brand new. I recommend using this straight after you've had a bath or shower for the best results. It won't disappoint! 

Orangeasm Body Wash
The scent this gives off is just Orgasmic. I'm guessing that's what made them name this body wash Orangeasm. Literally, I can't explain how fruit and tropical this product is. I smother myself in this when I'm in the shower and even bought a separate bottle to keep at my boyfriends. Yes, it's that amazing! I recommend this body wash being put at the top of your to-buy lists when you next need essentials for the bathroom! The formula is a mixture of Ginseng, Pink Pepper-berry, Green Mandarin, Sicilian Lemon and Orange peel oils..about as Zesty as it gets!

Soap & Glory are now on Snapchat! 

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Livin' The Lush Life..

I don't know about you, but I'm a sucker for Lush Cosmetics. Literally any given chance, I'll be scooting into a Lush store and checking out new bath bombs, bath oils and hair products. I love the quirky designs, use of pigments and how beautiful a bath looks after dropping a fresh new bath bomb in the tub!

After taking a trip to Lush in Chelmsford today, I snapped up a few images and thought I'd share some of my favorite products and showcase some of the latest items available right now..

+LUSH  +Lush Cosmetics 

 The Experimenter - £3.95
A pretty little Hexagonal shaped bath bomb in an array of pastel shades. Watch this beauty bubble and fizz in the bath like a motion picture. Create a gorgeous multi-coloured tub in minutes which includes popping candy and comforting fair trade Vanilla.

Rub Rub Rub - £5.95 
This pastel shade body scrub cube is filled with sea salt, glitter and Cherry Blossom extract. Perfect for exfoliation whilst soaking yourself silly! At just £5.95 these scrub cubes last for ages.

The Modfather - £3.65
One of the latest additions to the Lush family is The Modfather. These retro inspired bubble bars will have you feeling nostalgic whilst running a hot bath. Made from Brazilian Orange oil, crumble a little in the tub and feel the benefits in seconds.

Honey Bee - £3.65
Take the sting out of the day with the Lush Honey Bee bath bomb. The soothing Honey bath bomb includes Aloe Vera and cleansing Rhassoul Mud for a relaxing treat at the end of a days work!

Full Of Grace - £8.25
This luxury facial serum is made from fresh Portabello Mushrooms and Amazonian Butter to soften and leave skin feeling beautifully renewed. These gracious bars last forever, so worth every penny!

One more of my favourite products new to the range is the limited edition Pop Art inspired Fathers Day bath bombs. Grab yours now for a quirky little gift for your Dad this year! Fathers Day packages are also available, so pop by a store to find the perfect present!

I recently purchased a number of Lush Cosmetics products for my sisters birthday, as she is also a huge Lush fan, here's what I bought...

From left to right: Dragon Egg Bath Bomb, Needles & Pines Shower Jelly, Frozen Bath Bomb, Vanilla Pod Bath Oil and Mmm Marshmallow Bath Oil.

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From Essex to Australia: 5 Minutes With Amber Zakrzewski

From Miss Essex to Aussie Babe, Chingford lass Amber Zakrzewski is one to watch.
After being crowned Miss Essex back in 2012, Amber kicked off her career with modelling and hasn't looked back since. I have worked with Amber a number of times styling her on numerous photo shoots and style campaigns back in Essex and have had some fun creating some amazing looks and photos with her!
From Essex to Bondi Beach...

Amber has so many talents, whether she's modelling a new clothing line or jewelry, to spending her time becoming a horse trainer, she is truly someone to look up to if you are looking for a motivation boost! Amber has spent the last couple of months traveling to some beautiful destinations and the Beauty Queen has now swapped the catwalk for the Australian Jungle to film a new wildlife programme which has now aired on Channel Dave called 'Deadliest Pests Down Under'
Today I thought I'd get in touch with Amber and give her some quick fire questions for you, so you can get more of an insight into her life right now. Amber got back to me super fast and gave me these amazing answers, so thank-you Amber!

1) What has been the scariest moment so far whilst filming Deadliest Pests Down Under?
Has to be the moment I stepped foot into a Cassowary enclosure! (I didn't know what they were either) but you don't want to be messing around with these birds! Also, having my leg sat on and squashed by a Crocodile was probably just as scary. I genuinely believed I was going to be crushed to death!

2) When you're not filming, what are you most likely to be doing?
I love exploring the different parts of Australia I got to travel to. If I wasn't filming I would just get up and go and explore the local beaches and always managed to find an amazing spot.

3) Describe how you're style has changed after swapping Essex life to the Aussie lifestyle?
Leaving the English winter and heading face first into the Aussie summer - I literally wore a lot less clothes! Lived in bikinis and found myself bare foot most of the time. The mood in Australia is so relaxed and laid back and I think that reflects in how I decided to dress out there. When I was out catching snakes I was fully covered which was unbearable sometimes in the Aussie heat, but you can't risk your ankles being attacked by a poisonous snake!

For me, the denim shirt was my go to item, I wore it as a cover up over my bikinis. I wore a denim shirt to help protect my skin against the sun too when I was out filming all day and surprisingly it helped to keep me cool.  I even wore a denim shirt when catching a crocodile to add to the Dundee outback look!

4) What has been an unforgettable moment for you whilst traveling around Australia?
I had many unforgettable moments, I never thought Australia would be as beautiful, picturesque and as full as wildlife as it was. The moment I jumped off a boat at montague island with my snorkel on and swam in the crystal clear ocean with hundreds of Australian seals all around me was the most incredible thing I've ever seen! They were everywhere, (and a few Sharks and Ray's too!)

5) Talk us through you're daily beauty regime?
I don't  have much of a beauty regime at all! I wear little make up if any most days, so for me being in Australia it is all about protecting my skin from the sun as they have no ozone layer there so the sun can be really harsh on your skin. After being out in the sun it's all about Aloe Vera, I literally smother myself in it! After showering I use a body butter all over and then for a really golden,  healthy glow I use honey oil shimmering dry oil and it smells incredible!

6) What's one thing you're missing about England right now?
Other than my family and horse, there's not much that I'm missing at all! I would say that we do take for granted how close by everything is. Shops, hospitals, people etc. Australia is huge and everything is far away! Even neighbouring countries! We have Europe on our doorstep and can get to most of those countries in less than a few hours.. In Australia it can take that long just to get to the nearest hospital!

7) Do you have any tips or reccomendations for anyone planning to visit Australia?
My top tip is to make friends with locals, there's no better way to see the best places in Australia! Everyone is so lovely and so proud of where they're from, that they will want to show you all the hidden gems and you get a real feel for the Aussie life.

A lot of people are put off by the deadly animals in Australia, it's nonsense! Don't be scared of anything, go for a walk in the 'bush' and see what wildlife you can find!

8) Describe you're fave Australian dish?
The food in Australia is so good and so fresh. I ate like a queen and had Wagyu Steak pretty much every night! I loved that they use beetroot in burgers. There's a juice bar on every corner in Australia. I drank fresh fruit smoothies every morning. You'd also see a fruit girl alongside the road selling fresh Strawberries and Mangoes so we had to stop every time!

Amber gets up close and personal with one of Australia's deadliest animals..
Watch Amber in action as she faces her fears with a venomous snake by clicking the link here:

Click the image below to follow Amber on Instagram and keep up to date with her jungle adventures!
 Deadliest Pests Down Under is one every Thursday, 8pm on Dave.

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