It's Soapy & Glorious..


It's Soapy & Glorious..

Soap & Glory are by far one of the most popular beauty brands right now. With their quirky packaging, names and super-yummy scents, whats not to love?! Whether you fancy smelling like a zesty lemon pie or a human bubble gum, you'll end up filling your bathroom cabinets with the stuff! 

I've decided to review a few of my all time favorite products from Soap & Glory, as you can't be missing out on these wonderful treats for your skin and hair! There are honestly hundreds of products now available at +Boots UK+Superdrug  and other leading health and beauty stores, so you can thank me later when you've stocked up!

Scrub Of Your Life 
 One of the best body scrubs you'll find right now. The thick scrub glides onto your skin and gently exfoliates the skin in minutes. The scrub creates a foamy like texture against the skin. I love that after you've rinsed the product off, you are still left with a super soft coating to your skin which then also acts as a moisturizer. Could you seriously ask for more? No lie, this is my fave body scrub I've ever bought and I can't live without it! 

Glad Hair Day
 A glorious shampoo that leaves you feeling fresh as a daisy! The Ultra-Shine Shampoo is perfect for all hair types with a fruity fragrance! Rated five star by leading beauty mags, it's no joke that this everyday shampoo is worth every penny! One great thing about this shampoo is if your hair is a little greasy, you can re-apply without having to worry about stripping your hair of its natural oils or going dry. Just massage a small amount onto the hands. A little goes a long way! 

Clean On Me 
Creamy moisture shower gel that hydrates the skin with every use. A great option if you are like me and go mad with shower gel until your whole body is just a giant bubble. Add a handful of Clean On Me onto damp skin and watch it turn into a thick, luxurious lather in seconds. The smell stays on your skin once your dry and a little travel bottle is great to take on holiday!  

Hand Food 
Hand Food is by far one of the best hand lotions I've ever used. I even have a little travel size one that's great to pop in your handbag whilst you're on-the-go! The floral and soapy smell makes your hands feel instantly refreshed and leaves your skin super-soft and supple. Perfect if you job involves hands-on tasks or computer work. 

The Righteous Butter 
Mmmmmmm! So good I could eat it! (But please don't!). The Righteous butter is a flippin' savior if you are prone to dry skin! I smother myself in this once I've had a bath or a shower. The butter can be applied on damp skin or dry skin, so take your pick! I wake up the next morning and my skin feels revitalized and brand new. I recommend using this straight after you've had a bath or shower for the best results. It won't disappoint! 

Orangeasm Body Wash
The scent this gives off is just Orgasmic. I'm guessing that's what made them name this body wash Orangeasm. Literally, I can't explain how fruit and tropical this product is. I smother myself in this when I'm in the shower and even bought a separate bottle to keep at my boyfriends. Yes, it's that amazing! I recommend this body wash being put at the top of your to-buy lists when you next need essentials for the bathroom! The formula is a mixture of Ginseng, Pink Pepper-berry, Green Mandarin, Sicilian Lemon and Orange peel oils..about as Zesty as it gets!

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