Matte Me...


Matte Me... 

Okay, so as you already know, Sleek Make Up is becoming ever more popular in the UK and are busier than ever when it comes to bringing us the latest and greatest. With a wide variety of different products being available online and in stores, Sleek is taking the make up world by storm.

One of my favorite products from the Sleek range is the Sleek 'Matte Me Lip Cream'
All I can say is.... I have four shades already!  The high quality lip brush glides the product on smoothly over the lips like silk and it then dries to a gorgeous matte effect that lasts for hours.

My all time favorite shade is Birthday Suit. A gorgeous nude colour with a hint of pink. One thing I love about these lip creams is the fact they are so pigmented. Many lip creams these days fade so quickly, but these babies stay on for hours, even if you're eating and drinking.

Birthday Suit: 
A beautiful nude with a hint of pink.

A gorgeous, feminine pastel pink.
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Fandango Purple: 
A bright, showstopping bright purple.

Riojo Red:  
A popping shade of red.
Two of my fave shades, Fandango Purple & Birthday Suit 

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