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In The Spotlight: Mariel Clayton

If you haven't heard of her, you're about to. Mariel Clayton is one of the latest photographers to create unusual and conceptual pieces of art using a mixture of Barbie Dolls and Japanese minatures. Her work is forever unique and gives off vivid and sometimes morbid vibes, but thats why we love her! Her witty and dark scene set-ups can leave so much to the imagination which makes it even more engaging for all audiences. 
Below are some of my favourite pieces from the artist herself. Remember to visit her online store, instagram and social media for more information and the latest updates.

1) Barbie Behaving Badly
This image explores human sexuality and makes you paint a story in your mind of what some couples can get up to behind closed doors. I love how cheeky and unexpected the scene is, as you can see Barbie has dropped her carton of eggs in an unexpected turn of events as she is baking. I love how Mariel has also portrayed Barbie to be 'in the zone' as she is placed smoking a cigarette whilst enjoying the moment! Imagine how tiny that miniture cigarette is...

2) Gameplay
I love the concept of this piece. Where the common gender roles have been cleverly switched over. This explores the many ideas men imagine as an ideal fantasy, but then they are turn around in an unusual manner. We would normally expect the male to be sitting in a gamer chair playing their Xbox game whilst their girlfriend kept them 'happy'. The detail in each image is insane, as you can spot mini bottles of Jack Daniels, iPads, iPhones and music speakers.

3) The Serial Killer 
Mariel is amazing at creating images with a morbid twist, as the popular Barbie we know and love is turned into a serial killer in this piece. Barbie is pictured clearing up her rather 'bloody' mess after beheading Ken in her kitchen. Look closely and you will spot Kens hand is boiling away in a pan and his head is placed slap bang in the middle of her fridge. Her puppy is sitting directly behind his dog bowl which has been used to catch the rest of Kens blood. Ewwww! 

4) Hot Sauce
Well Ken certainly isn't expecting this! Shot with a dark and moody lighting, Barbie is pictured undressed whilst holding a miniture pot of hot sauce behind her back. The rest of the story is up to your imagination...

5) Love 
Slightly less morbid that the previous images, Mariels take on love touches the heart. This simple image includes Barbie and Ken embracing eachother after Barbie receives Tiffany & Co jewellery with wine and chocolates. (Just check out how cute that iconinc Tiffany box is!). The vignetting around the image makes it warm and emotional.

All in all Mariels work is undeniably creative and something you don't see every day in the world of art.

Click the image below to visit 'Barbieaintyourbitch'. Mariels Instagram account...

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