From The Catwalk To The Jungle: 5 Minutes With Amber Zakrzewski


From Essex to Australia: 5 Minutes With Amber Zakrzewski

From Miss Essex to Aussie Babe, Chingford lass Amber Zakrzewski is one to watch.
After being crowned Miss Essex back in 2012, Amber kicked off her career with modelling and hasn't looked back since. I have worked with Amber a number of times styling her on numerous photo shoots and style campaigns back in Essex and have had some fun creating some amazing looks and photos with her!
From Essex to Bondi Beach...

Amber has so many talents, whether she's modelling a new clothing line or jewelry, to spending her time becoming a horse trainer, she is truly someone to look up to if you are looking for a motivation boost! Amber has spent the last couple of months traveling to some beautiful destinations and the Beauty Queen has now swapped the catwalk for the Australian Jungle to film a new wildlife programme which has now aired on Channel Dave called 'Deadliest Pests Down Under'
Today I thought I'd get in touch with Amber and give her some quick fire questions for you, so you can get more of an insight into her life right now. Amber got back to me super fast and gave me these amazing answers, so thank-you Amber!

1) What has been the scariest moment so far whilst filming Deadliest Pests Down Under?
Has to be the moment I stepped foot into a Cassowary enclosure! (I didn't know what they were either) but you don't want to be messing around with these birds! Also, having my leg sat on and squashed by a Crocodile was probably just as scary. I genuinely believed I was going to be crushed to death!

2) When you're not filming, what are you most likely to be doing?
I love exploring the different parts of Australia I got to travel to. If I wasn't filming I would just get up and go and explore the local beaches and always managed to find an amazing spot.

3) Describe how you're style has changed after swapping Essex life to the Aussie lifestyle?
Leaving the English winter and heading face first into the Aussie summer - I literally wore a lot less clothes! Lived in bikinis and found myself bare foot most of the time. The mood in Australia is so relaxed and laid back and I think that reflects in how I decided to dress out there. When I was out catching snakes I was fully covered which was unbearable sometimes in the Aussie heat, but you can't risk your ankles being attacked by a poisonous snake!

For me, the denim shirt was my go to item, I wore it as a cover up over my bikinis. I wore a denim shirt to help protect my skin against the sun too when I was out filming all day and surprisingly it helped to keep me cool.  I even wore a denim shirt when catching a crocodile to add to the Dundee outback look!

4) What has been an unforgettable moment for you whilst traveling around Australia?
I had many unforgettable moments, I never thought Australia would be as beautiful, picturesque and as full as wildlife as it was. The moment I jumped off a boat at montague island with my snorkel on and swam in the crystal clear ocean with hundreds of Australian seals all around me was the most incredible thing I've ever seen! They were everywhere, (and a few Sharks and Ray's too!)

5) Talk us through you're daily beauty regime?
I don't  have much of a beauty regime at all! I wear little make up if any most days, so for me being in Australia it is all about protecting my skin from the sun as they have no ozone layer there so the sun can be really harsh on your skin. After being out in the sun it's all about Aloe Vera, I literally smother myself in it! After showering I use a body butter all over and then for a really golden,  healthy glow I use honey oil shimmering dry oil and it smells incredible!

6) What's one thing you're missing about England right now?
Other than my family and horse, there's not much that I'm missing at all! I would say that we do take for granted how close by everything is. Shops, hospitals, people etc. Australia is huge and everything is far away! Even neighbouring countries! We have Europe on our doorstep and can get to most of those countries in less than a few hours.. In Australia it can take that long just to get to the nearest hospital!

7) Do you have any tips or reccomendations for anyone planning to visit Australia?
My top tip is to make friends with locals, there's no better way to see the best places in Australia! Everyone is so lovely and so proud of where they're from, that they will want to show you all the hidden gems and you get a real feel for the Aussie life.

A lot of people are put off by the deadly animals in Australia, it's nonsense! Don't be scared of anything, go for a walk in the 'bush' and see what wildlife you can find!

8) Describe you're fave Australian dish?
The food in Australia is so good and so fresh. I ate like a queen and had Wagyu Steak pretty much every night! I loved that they use beetroot in burgers. There's a juice bar on every corner in Australia. I drank fresh fruit smoothies every morning. You'd also see a fruit girl alongside the road selling fresh Strawberries and Mangoes so we had to stop every time!

Amber gets up close and personal with one of Australia's deadliest animals..
Watch Amber in action as she faces her fears with a venomous snake by clicking the link here:

Click the image below to follow Amber on Instagram and keep up to date with her jungle adventures!
 Deadliest Pests Down Under is one every Thursday, 8pm on Dave.

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