Livin' The Lush Life..


Livin' The Lush Life..

I don't know about you, but I'm a sucker for Lush Cosmetics. Literally any given chance, I'll be scooting into a Lush store and checking out new bath bombs, bath oils and hair products. I love the quirky designs, use of pigments and how beautiful a bath looks after dropping a fresh new bath bomb in the tub!

After taking a trip to Lush in Chelmsford today, I snapped up a few images and thought I'd share some of my favorite products and showcase some of the latest items available right now..

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 The Experimenter - £3.95
A pretty little Hexagonal shaped bath bomb in an array of pastel shades. Watch this beauty bubble and fizz in the bath like a motion picture. Create a gorgeous multi-coloured tub in minutes which includes popping candy and comforting fair trade Vanilla.

Rub Rub Rub - £5.95 
This pastel shade body scrub cube is filled with sea salt, glitter and Cherry Blossom extract. Perfect for exfoliation whilst soaking yourself silly! At just £5.95 these scrub cubes last for ages.

The Modfather - £3.65
One of the latest additions to the Lush family is The Modfather. These retro inspired bubble bars will have you feeling nostalgic whilst running a hot bath. Made from Brazilian Orange oil, crumble a little in the tub and feel the benefits in seconds.

Honey Bee - £3.65
Take the sting out of the day with the Lush Honey Bee bath bomb. The soothing Honey bath bomb includes Aloe Vera and cleansing Rhassoul Mud for a relaxing treat at the end of a days work!

Full Of Grace - £8.25
This luxury facial serum is made from fresh Portabello Mushrooms and Amazonian Butter to soften and leave skin feeling beautifully renewed. These gracious bars last forever, so worth every penny!

One more of my favourite products new to the range is the limited edition Pop Art inspired Fathers Day bath bombs. Grab yours now for a quirky little gift for your Dad this year! Fathers Day packages are also available, so pop by a store to find the perfect present!

I recently purchased a number of Lush Cosmetics products for my sisters birthday, as she is also a huge Lush fan, here's what I bought...

From left to right: Dragon Egg Bath Bomb, Needles & Pines Shower Jelly, Frozen Bath Bomb, Vanilla Pod Bath Oil and Mmm Marshmallow Bath Oil.

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