The Balmain Army


The Balmain Army 

I think it's safe to say that Balmain is becoming one of the most powerful fashion brands out there. With more and more Celebrities sporting beautiful pieces from Balmain, it's no wonder so many are being seen in new campaigns, the latest dresses and some one-off garments that cost more than an arm and a leg! So here's a few of Balmains most famous fans...

Kendall Jenner 
Strutting down the Pierre Balmain catwalk, sporting all-leather outfits and more, Kendall is up there at the top when it comes to being a Balmain fan. Kendall has even taken her big sister Kim Kardashian backstage and let her feel the true sense of what it's like to be in the Balmain army. Kendall can wear absolutely any outfit from Balmain and look a million dollars. Envious...

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian is also one of the top fans of Balmain. Even contacting the designer to create her a custom dress (featured top left) which is the only one of its kind. The structure and designs of Balmain enhance Kim's famous figure perfectly. Kim also posed with husband Kanye West in one of the most popular Balmain campaigns of all time.

Rihanna was recently seen wearing the latest catwalk designs at the Balmain Paris after party. Rihanna's radiant skin tone looks amazing against the military green leather combo, and is accessorised down to a t. Rihanna's style means she can pull off absolutley any Balmain garment in seconds.

Cara Delevigne
One of the newest fans of Balmain is Cara Delevigne. Recently seen at the AW16 Balmain show, she turned up in a vertically striped horizontal one-piece which turned heads in an instant. Cara's long model thin legs mean she can pull off the high waisted, wide leg trousers, which Balmain has focused on throughout the last two seasons. Cara recently modelled for the newest Balmain campaign wearing an all-leather tassle dress and effortlessly gave off the biker-chic look with ease.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley 
Famously showcasing the newest dress from Balmain at the Met Gala last year, Rosie Huntington-Whitely made an impact on everyone. The beautiful super model walked effortlessly down the red carpet in an all-leather long sleeved Balmain dress featuring a number of sparkling embellishments, a fitted leather belt and leopard print stripes. Her latest outfit grabbed the attention of the press when she showed off her wonderful figure in a black and yellow deep plunge jumpsuit. I'm in love!

Joan Smalls 
Being a well known catwalk supermodel, it's no wonder Joan Smalls is a huge Balmain fan. One of Balmains own supermodels, her catwalk image is also showcased off of the catwalk, when she turns up to almost all events promoting the Balmain brand. The supermodel is a big fan of the long-sleeved bandage dresses and heavy embellishments (featured below).

Keep a look out for the latest updates and news...Balmain is collaborating with H&M! With sell out collabs over the last couple of seasons such as Alexander Wang, Beyonce and YSL, Balmain is next on the agenda and its going to be HUGE!

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