East Londons Best Vintage & Thrift Stores


East Londons Best Vintage & Thrift Stores

If you're like me, you'll love a good bargain. If you love creating unusual outfits without the super splurge, there's no better place to start your shop than the thrift stores of East London. Take a trip down to the popular stores on a saturday to nab the best items. Everything from jackets, vintage Levi's, leather handbags and even vintage designer brands including Chanel and Mulberry.

1) East End Thrift Store - Whitechapel

My ultimate favourite of all Thrift Stores. This huge renovated warehouse is full of everything you could possibly want to create some amazing outfits at half the price of high street stores. Selling every kind of tie-dye top you could think of, leather jackets, vintage sportswear including Nike and Adidas, there is something guaranteed to suit your style. With a wonderful way of making your shopping experience even more fun, you can walk into the entrance, pick up a plastic bag in either medium or large, and fill up your bag as much as you can, before paying just £10 for a medium, or £20 for a large. That's one amazing way of getting some bargains! To visit the website for more information click here.

2) Rokit - Brick Lane

Another one of my favourites is Rokit. With a huge number of stores all around the country, there is always one round the corner. Rokit also have a huge online shop where you can search vintage brands, items and one-off pieces to update your vintage wardrobe. The website also includes an up-to-date blog, a 75% off sale and kidswear. The store has everything to offer, including some beautifuk silk bomber jackets and 50's style dresses for the perfect pin-up look. To visit the online store, click here.

3) Beyond Retro - Brick Lane

Beyond Retro is a vintage clothing supplier with some seriously good bits and bobs. The store located in Brick Lane, is almost magical, as you walk into a colour co-ordinated kingdom. One great thing about Beyond Retro is the amount of dresses they have to offer, styles from every decade are available, including 60's shift dresses, 50's style wrap around dresses and the classic 90's designs for a spice girls inspired look. I'm in love! To visit the official website click here.

4) Leftovers - Brixton

This pocket-sized shop is stocked with some quirkt sailorette dresses and bleached cotton petti-coats. If you’re a bit crafty and love clothing DIY, you can buy a feminine lace collar and sew it on to a plain dress customise and make it your own. There are also lots of collectible items; old rusty tins and vintage bits and bobs which would make perfect gifts for the kind of people who would never throw anything away. To visit Leftovers online click here.

5) Blitz - Hanbury Street

A spacious store with everything you could possibly want under one roof. Blitz opened in 2011, making it one of the most recent vintage stores to open in East London. Not only does this store offer wonderful dresses, old watches and hats; it's also know to provide customers with the chance to purchase old furniture, bicycles and rocking horses. If you want to check out their latest blogs, have a nose through their instgram, visit the website here.

6) Vintage Basement -Chesire Street

Another one of my favourites nearby! I can't believe how many bargains you can find in this lovely little shop. With a downstairs basement, great music and the most polite and helpful staff you will ever encounter. The best thing about Vintage Basement? Everything seems to be £10 or under! Be sure to check out the basement, as there can be a £5 per item discount rail! To visit Vintage Basements website click here.

7) The Vintage Emporium - Bacon Street

This is one for the ladies. Located in Bacon Street, The Vintage Emporium is a great little shop to visit if you're after anything from the Victorian Era to the 1950's. It can be great if your off to a wartime themed party or want something really unique for a ball. Not only can you walk around finding bargains, if you get a little tired, The Vintage Emporium offers customers the chance to sit down and sip tea in the Victorian Style tearooms. To visit them online, click here.

7) Hunk Dory Vintage - Brick Lane

Standing in a greate location at the bagel end of Brick Lane, Hunky Dory is a well-presented, well-stocked, little shop. It can feel crowded, but everything is arranged by colour and item type, so it’s easy to work your way around when you’re looking for a particular style. Prices range from £40-£150, but keep an eye open for sale pieces hidden in the rails. If you want to visit Hunky Dory online, click here.

8) Blondie Vintage - Spitalfields

Located in Spitalfields, Blondie Vintage is probably one of the girliest vintage stores in East London. Filled with gorgeous coats, leather boots and one-off handbag designs. The store is so easy to navigate round, with center tables displaying some of the more unusual bits and bobs. The way the store is laid out makes it super east to match items together for new outfits. Shoes are always located under the coats and dresses, giving you some great imagery and inspiration before your purchase. To visit the store online click here.

9) Absolute Vintage - Hanbury Street

Absolute Vintage offers some great garments at low cost prices. Everything from 1980's heels to 1950's leather gloves. It's the perfect place to visit if your looking to create a specific look. Absolute Vintage also offer an online store, where you can shop by colour, size and garment with ease. The store also seems to have a lot more mens items to offer than most East End retro stores. It can be a great place to visit as a couple if you love a little bargain between you! To take a look at Absolute Vintage online click here.

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