Style Spotlight: Isolated Heroes


Style Spotlight: Isolated Heroes 

  You may have seen them showcase their latest collection on girl band 'Alien' on one of the live shows of X factor this weekend.
The style savvy designers have created an amazing new range of unusual and unique clothes for the brave hearted.  If you're looking to  update your winter wardrobe with a huge burst of colour, look no further. 
Girl band 'Alien' dressed head to toe in the latest Isolated Heroes range
 Whether you're a  sequin fan, love bright colours or even partial to wacky faux fur,  isolated heroes have everything you need.  With more and more fans emerging,  even the celebrities can't get enough of the latest collection.  

 Below are some of my favourite picks from the isolated heroes range, make sure to visit them online, check their Instagram page or get updates from their Twitter account.  In the meantime, if anyone fancies treating me to a glittery new number I shall be waiting to hear from you! 

Barbie Pink Faux Fur Sequin Biker Jacket - £230

Biker jackets never go out of fashion, so who could say no to an daring bright pink number. The Barbie pink product will have you standing out from the crowd instantly with its light reflective design and bright coloured design. 

Barbie Pink Sequin Party Dress - £95

Another bright pink design for you to feast your eyes on. The pink sequinned party dress has my name written all over it. For a style upgrade, try teaming your dress with a furry pompom handbag and holographic wedge heels for a futuristic look. 

Blue 90's Bubble Backpack - £15 
The ultimate 90's accessory. The blue bubble backpack is perfect for completing a cyber inspired look. Available in a variety of colours including bright pink and red, there is one for every look. Not only this, it even takes you on a trip down memory lane to when we used to rock them religiously to and from school. 

Cyber Barbie Shaggy Faux Fur Coat - £170
If you are braver than brave, the Cyber Barbie Faux Fur coat is the ultimate style statement you need this winter. Featuring a number of neon shades blended effortlessly together against a shaggy faux fur material, you'll turn heads in seconds. One of the amazing things about the isolated heroes range is that their sizes ranges from a 6 to 24. Making their hand crafted items available for every fan. 

Sequin hearts lilac split dress - £150
An amazing split dress created from a sheer lilac material. The unusual dress is covered in heart shaped sequin embellishments for an up-to-date party number. Team with a pair of black hot pants and an eye catching crop underneath for an outfit that steals the show. The lightweight, floaty material means you can look the shit and still be comfortable! Perfecto..

Rainbow sequin biker jacket - £230 
One of my favourite pieces to feature on the website. The rainbow sequin biker jacket is the ultimate party essential. Not only this, the sequin rainbow design is also available in a crop top and miniskirt if you fancy going all out for the night! 

Work It Sequin Box Shirt - £110
Lastly, I couldn't forget the wacky and unique box shirt in blue. The sequin covered beauty looks great with bare legs and heels, or toned down with leggings and your favourite high-tops. The loose, oversized fit is an instant hit and looks amazing on, no matter what the Occassion, the box shirt is a versatile piece that can create lent of different looks with ease! 

The best bits about Isolated Heroes:
  • All items are handmade, you you have you're own one off item with every purchase. 
  • The size range starts from a size 6 and goes up to a size 24, making every customer happy, no matter what their size. 
  • The website is easy to navigate and features amazing editorial shots to sell their products, making it a more personal and enjoyable visit online. 
  • Their Instagram is always updated with the latest and greatest posts. 
  • The ranges are always on offer at an affordable price for something so special and unique.

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